Frequently Asked Questions
  • Q.What is TiltedSlate?
  • Tilted Slate is an online platform where any willing person be a free lancer or a professional, who wants to teach gets a direct link to the pool of students nearby.  It also is a platform from where students/parents can choose their desirable tutor.

  • Q.Is connection through TiltedSlate really free?
  • Yes connection through TiltedSlate is really free. It connects the tutors to students/parents or any one desiring a tutor,for free of cost.

  • Q.I want to join, How can I?
  • If you want to join with us, You can simply join with us by filling out the registration form and registering with us at ( Registering with us is completely free.

  • Q.Can I delete my account?
  • No you can't delete your account permanently but there is an option to deactivate your account. Deactivating your account will hide your result from our search i.e. no one will be able to find you or contact you through our platform.

  • Q.Is their Email verified?
  • Yes, we verify the email address whenever anyone create's account on our website.

  • Q.What is TiltedSlate gaining from this?
  • As TiltedSlate reaches out to a massive audience of youth. The exposure recieved from your side is the real gain for us.

  • Q.I have other queries/am facing problems, Whom do I contact?
  • If you have any sort of queries or facing any kind of problem, feel free to contact us by filling out form at ( or you can simply mail to us at our email address.

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